The Flower Prayer

Gather mana by breathing in sets of four. When you’ve gathered a strong charge, say:

Who is this flower above me? And what is the work of this God?
I would know myself in all my parts.

Tilt your head back and blow upward, releasing the mana to your Godself. After a moment, a portion of blessed energy will return like a light refreshing rain. Say:

May all three selves be balanced within me.


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I'm a 30-something cis-female pagan solitary Witch and Priestess living in Auckland, New Zealand. I've been studying and practicing modern pagan witchcraft since 1997, and my path has been inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition, Feri, Cunning Craft, Wicca, Druidry, the Religio Romana and the Church of All Worlds.

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