The Three Souls

Fetch: Vivi, Younger Self, Sticky One, Ka

The physical body, that actively passes mana between all things, and experiences the world through sensations, emotions and images (as does a very young child), like neurotransmitters. Fetch stores and moves mana, and is the liaison between Talker and Godself. The points of the Iron Pentacle (Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion) are based in Fetch and expressed thusly.

“I feel”

The first three chakras: root, navel, solar plexus.

Talker: Emi, Talking Self, Shining Body, Ba

The conscious mind, the medium through which we communicate with the rest of the world; focused on definition, details and cause & effect. Talker amplifies and extends the mana produced by Fetch. The points of the Pearl Pentacle (Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Liberty) are expressed by Talker.

“I am”

The second three chakras: heart, throat, eye.

Godself: Ori, Deep Self, Sacred Dove, Za

The immortal part of us that is linked to the Divine. The Godself is communicated with through Fetch (which creates) rather than Talker (which maintains), and unites our Souls with God Herself.

“I know”

The crown chakra, and the aura of the Divine that surrounds and permeates us.


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I'm a 30-something cis-female pagan solitary Witch and Priestess living in Auckland, New Zealand. I've been studying and practicing modern pagan witchcraft since 1997, and my path has been inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition, Feri, Cunning Craft, Wicca, Druidry, the Religio Romana and the Church of All Worlds.

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