Peace Prayer

Holy One,
we delight in Thee
as Thou delightest in us.

We delight in the Earth
and in the radiance of this universe,
knowing full well
(if we choose wisely and with love)
that radiance will shine through us
as it shines through Thee.

And if there be weak ones among us,
by the strength of loving kindness
there shall be radiance enough
for them as well.
So mote it be.

Source unknown, learned from Elf


Published by


I'm a 30-something cis-female pagan solitary Witch and Priestess living in Auckland, New Zealand. I've been studying and practicing modern pagan witchcraft since 1997, and my path has been inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition, Feri, Cunning Craft, Wicca, Druidry, the Religio Romana and the Church of All Worlds.

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